Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break? What is a "Break"?

Greetings! Spring Break proved to be a very productive time.

I am so glad the age of the typewriter is over and that CTRL + Z exists.

I finally got around to actually putting in some stories into my word document. I really worked on editing the stories this week. For most of the stories, I just edited grammar and spelling mistakes but for some I changed some of the wording so that they wouldn't sound so cheesy and super cliche. I don't want to edit the stories too much because I don't want to mask each author's individual voice and flavor.

This week I also poked and prodded at my friends to send me stories so hopefully they pull through for me! My original goal was having around an 80 page book but I don't think I am going to meet that mark so right now I am just hoping for a 30 pager. I am more than halfway there and I am still counting on that teacher in Alaska to send me some good stories.

I also went back to bombarding teachers around America to give my information to their students. A teacher from Texas said he would share my project so I am crossing my fingers that some will come from his students. All of my stories so far have been from California and so my original idea of comparing students from around the country isn't working out so well but at least I am going to have something to show for my work. I know that failure is an option but I do not intend to fail!

I am really excited with how this is turning out and no matter what, I am really proud of my project.

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