Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Finally some rain after this dry spell. It's been a good week for Pauline!

Short Story Submission Form
First, a teacher from a far away place called Alaska contacted me. She teaches an AP Literature class in Anchorage, Alaska and is really interested in doing my project with her students. Since all the writing they do is geared toward the AP test, her students never get to do any creative writing and that's where my project comes in. I am super excited to read what kind of stories students from Alaska have to tell. I have been mostly getting stories from California students and more specifically students in the HBUHSD so I wonder if teenagers in Alaska have different things to say.

This week, the BBN segment came out with a clip from my interview about my project in it. This has been great publicity for my project and has come at the perfect time before Spring Break. More of my peers are interested in submitting to my project and now they have a whole week to write me something. I have gotten more people asking about my project and where they can submit so thank you BBN!

Link to BBN segment:

Since I have been so short on time lately, this week will definitely be DIY week. I shall put up another Facebook post with my submission link soon to remind my friends to help a fellow out. Hopefully I can balance catching up with friends, studying for AP tests, doing school work, doing the DIY project, and most importantly, RESTING during my Spring Break. Oh the woes of a modern teenager.


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