Friday, May 10, 2013


I've done it! I have finished! Last week I finished editing all of the stories and formatting my book, so I uploaded it onto and now it's officially ready to be printed and published!

It was very exciting to finally press save and submit, a truly momentous occasion. However, it took several tries to upload my document because for some reason, Lulu added a random blank page in the middle and so the whole numbering was off and the page numbers would appear in the middle of the page which was no bueno. I had redo the numbering several times to make sure the left side pages had page numbers on the bottom left side and so on.

Product Page
I also wrote a conclusive author's note at the end to kind of wrap the whole thing up. It was kind of reflection on my experience and it was quite sad to write it. I realize that I have finished early, but now all I have to do is order the book and wait for it to come in the mail. Let's just hope more formatting doesn't get screwed up when actually printing it.

Right now the book is on private access and only I can actually purchase it. It will cost $12.65 to order one hard cover, 6x9 book with full color printing, which isn't bad at all! The book turned out to be 30 pages exactly, so it's more of a quick coffee table read. I don't think I will make it available for public purchase however, the book is really just for me. Maybe in the future I will make it into an ebook.

I plan to order the book next week and it takes a week for the book to come so that will take me right up to the end of May which is perfect timing. I am so terribly excited to see it and am honestly so proud of myself and all that I have accomplished. Now I can just kick back and relax as my peers scramble to finish their projects. I have learned early on that procrastination will only get you so far, so I am glad I started early and and ended early. Especially with AP testing wrapping up, I can just cruise on towards summer. Cheers!

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